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PaviFLEX is really easy to install, however, there are some advices you need to know before starting the installation.


If you wish, we can look for professional installation companies around your area, just let us know and we will search for them.

PaviFLEX is delivered in tiles 100 cms x 100 cms (normally) with the four sides puzzle for an easy interlocking system. We have some products like TurFLEX that we deliver in rolls.


For installatin, place PaviFLEX tiles on a plain and clean surface, and puzzle interlock them. YOU DON'T NEED TO GLUE THEM TO THE FLOOR. It is easy and fast. The puzzle interlocking system can be adjusted much more easier than any other format to the floor of your fitness center. We can deliver the external borders of the areas already with straight cut, corners and transition ramps, as per your request.


For a detailed information about installation, thanks for having a look into our Installation Manual.

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